Computer Optimization Support

Computer Optimization

There is nothing more frustrating than a computer which is running very slow or behaves in an erratic and unreliable fashion.  Computer optimization is intended to keep your computer humming along quickly and with no annoying hang-ups, slow and lagging searches and unwanted pop-ups and other similar nuisances.
At Tech Mayaa, we can help you with an individual issue or, if you are a regular member, who can provide routine maintenance as part of your agreement with us.  This maintenance includes clearing the browser of unnecessary cookies and junk files which make for poor and slow performance.
We handle all of these issues related to performance: 
  • Computer is working slow
  • Computer is booting slow
  • Computer virus infection
  • Malware and adware in computer
  • Not able to open e-mail on your computer
  • Annoying pop-up messages
  • Computer periodically or permanently freezing up
If you are facing these issues, we’ll be happy to assist you in getting the maximum performance out of your computer.
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Computer Optimization
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