Network Printer Setup

Network Printer Setup

A network printer is a printer which is connected to your home network.  A home network  is all of the devices in your home which are connected to each other, usually via a wireless router, but in some cases by physical cables as well.


Naturally, you want each desktop computer and laptop computer (and in some cases, tablets and mobile devices) in your home to be able to click the “print” button from that particular device and print to the central printer located in a certain space within your home or office.


Though often it is very easy to connect a network printer to the network, sometimes you may require some additional assistance in enabling all the devices in your home to print on the same printer.


Our technicians are trained experts who can guide you through the set-up process to have every computing device in your home able to connect and use your centralized printer,  and you will be on your way.

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