Printer Support

Printer Support

In personal computing, a printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers that information onto paper, usually standard sized sheets of paper.  Sometimes, a printer may be sold as part of the package that you purchased when you bought your computer.


There is a wide variety of styles and types of printers.  These styles and types differ in terms of the ink used, the speed of printing, the quality of printing, and the cost of operating the printer.  For instance, less expensive printers which use the ink jet style method are more expensive per page, but more appropriate for persons who do very little printing.  And for example, laser printers may have less resolution and color features, but are generally used in businesses which do a large amount of daily printing of documents such as business contracts.


Printers may be connected by a cable directly to your computer, or they may be wireless; utilizing your home WiFi (wireless router) network to receive the instructions from your computer over airwaves rather than directly through a wire.


Generally speaking, all that is required when you purchase a printer is to follow the instructions which are included with your purchase.  Sometimes, however certain persons may face difficulties with the installation and usage due to a variety of reasons.
If you are facing an issue printing, we can assist you with many common obstacles which can occur.  Our technicians are here to help you with:
  • Have you purchased a new printer and need assistance with setup and software installation?
  • Would you like assistance to get your printer working wirelessly?
  • Is your computer not recognizing your printer when you connect it through the USB connection”?
  • Would you like to connect your printer to multiple devices within your home?
  • Does your computer not recognize that you have installed a new ink cartridge?
  • Are you unable to send or receive a fax?
  • Do you get an error message that your black ink cartridge has failed?
  • Does your printer not print your photographs or other graphics in color?
  • Are you getting an error message that  your printer not communicating with your computer?
If you are facing issues with your printer, please contact us today.

It is very easy with experienced certified experts to manage these common problems with your printer:

  • Printing is too slow
  • Running out of ink and/or toner
  • Ink cartridge is empty
  • “Error printing”
  • No paper or paper jam
  • Lots of paper jams
  • Printed text too lousy
  • Printer won’t scan any more
  • Invalid printer handle
  • Printer access denied
  • Printer unknown error

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