Security Software Installation

Security Software Installation

There is no doubt about the need for software security in personal computing.  Many different options, some free of cost and some paid services, are available for the average consumer to choose from.


Much of what you may need in terms of security for your PC, tablet or mobile device will be determined by the purpose for which you use the device, your habits as a user and what type of information you are storing on your device.


Before installing security products on your desktop or laptop computer, consult with us as to what would be the best option for you.  Our technical experts will make a suggestion to you based on their knowledge of your type of user profile.


If you are facing any issue with a virus, with annoying pop-up ads, with unwanted solicitations or with phishing (scam) attempts which sound threatening, we are here to put your mind at ease.  If necessary, we will assist you to salvage your important data, reinstall your operating system and install a suitable product to prevent such annoyances from every happening again.


We are here for you anytime you feel that you have been the subject of such malicious programming.  Simply call 1-888-713-4147 anytime, and we will help you resolve your problem.

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