Security Updates

Security Updates

There are three types  of security when it comes to personal computing.  The most obvious one, the physical security of your equipment, is obtained through your controlling who has physical access to your devices.
A second and more recognizable one is antivirus support.  Antivirus issues also include different types of what is known as “malware” — software which is installed on your computer without your knowledge — this “malware” is malevolent to your computer’s efficient functioning and can steal your bandwidth (internet usage) or your personal information (such as social security numbers and credit and banking information).
An often overlooked issue is your computer’s firewall.  You need to ensure that this piece of software which prevents unauthorized access to your files and other computer resources has not been breached.
Because “hackers” — people who write programs designed to (for among other reasons) intercept and steal your personal data — are constantly on the look-out for new ways to breech your firewall, install unwanted software on your computer and compromise the security of your information, a regular check-up (to ensure that all of your security features are updated and not in conflict with other security programs) is a very necessary and desirable service.
If you are experiencing issues such as:
  • annoying pop-ups
  • disturbing warning messages
  • or other such indications of malware
  • spyware or phishing attempts (scams)
We will be happy to update all of your security programs, ensure they are not in conflict with each other (which renders them useless) and to discuss options with you for obtaining the best protection based on your user profile and needs; simply contact us anytime at

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