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Virus Removal




Antivirus software is a crucial component for anyone using a personal computer, or even a mobile device, in today’s world of technology.

Even if you have installed an antivirus program and taken other measures to ensure the security of your equipment and of your information, unfortunately sometimes special instances do occur where you will need the advice of a professional to help you remove a particular virus or piece of malware (malicious and malevolent software) from your computer.

Some common symptoms that indicate that you may need assistance removing a virus are as follows:

  • Is your computer, and especially your internet browser, slowing down significantly?
  • Are you receiving irritating pop-ups demanding that you contact unknown phone numbers for assistance?
  • Is your computer crashing unexpectedly?
  • Is your hard drive running continuously for no known reason?
  • Are you getting messages tell you that you are running out of hard drive space?
  • Is your network slow and acting like it’s busy or occupied though you aren’t actually surfing?
  • Do you see new tool bars or undesirable websites forcing themselves to be your home page?
  • Do you see strange messages or programs that start automatically without your permission?

All of the above issues are a sign that you may need specific virus or malware removal.

If your are facing any issues with a particular virus or piece of malicious software installed on your computer, contact us at 1-888-713-4147 and speak to one of our professional technicians today.